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Japanese Martial Arts is called "Budo." Budo literally means "the way of Martial" in the
Japanese language: "
Bu" is "Martial" and "Do" is "the way." "The Way of Martial (Budo)" expresses
that Martial Arts should give good influence to a way of human life.

Therefore, the purpose of
Budo is educational: Not "for fighting," but "for improving human
being." People who practice
Budo can develop body and mind through practicing and training
martial arts and acquire matured personality. Moreover, people can contribute what they have
acquired from
Budo into their better life and society. On the other hand, martial arts which
purpose is only for fighting or earning money such as professional martial arts fighting shows
on TV cannot be called
Budo. They practice in order to show these martial arts, which is not for
having a better life or society, but only for fighting and earning money. These martial arts
cannot be called as

Japanese Martial Arts,
Budo, contributes into education in Japan. All public and private
schools in Japan can teach 9 Japanese Martial Arts below as a school subject along the
Government-regulated school curriculum. Especially, it is mandatory for all middle school in
Japan to teach one of the 9 Japanese Martial Arts as a subject. However, it is impossible to teach
other martial arts such as "XX jujutsu" or "XX Kempo karate" at school in Japan because
they are not recognized officially and nationally as
Budo, Japanese Martial Arts.

There are 9 Japanese Martial Arts officially and nationally recognized as
Budo, Japanese
Martial Arts by Japanese Government.

1. Judo
Wikipedia (International Judo Federation)
2. Kendo
Wikipedia (International Kendo Federation)
3. Kyudo
Wikipedia (All Japan Kyudo Federation)
4. Sumo Wikipedia (International Sumo Federation)
5. Karatedo
Wikipedia (Japan Karatedo Federation)
6. Aikido
Wikipedia (International Aikido Federation)
7. Shorinji Kempo
Wikipedia (World Shorinji Kempo Organization)
8. Naginata
Wikipedia (International Naginata federation)
9. Jukendo
Wikipedia (All Japan Jukendo Federation)

These 9 Japanese Martial Arts Federations established "Japanese Budo Association (Nihon
Budo Kyougikai)" affiliated with Ministry of Education of Japanese Government.  
Budo Association English HP

Japanese Budo Association (Nippon Budo Kyougikai) defines in the "Philosophy of Budo" that
is a time-honored form of physical culture compromising of Judo, Kendo, Kyudo, Sumo,
Karatedo, Aikido, Shorinji Kempo, Naginata, and Jukendo. Link to
The Philosophy of Budo HP.
VIdeo "
Japanese Budo" produced by Japanese Budo Association.
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