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Philosophy of Kongo Zen
<The Philosophy of Kongo Zen>
Kongo Zen is derived from the word: Kongo, meaning diamond and Zen - the
school of Bodhidharma, whose teaching are essentially based on the belief that
the kingdom of heaven lies in the heart of Man.

Kongo Zen is not a teaching concerned with life in the afterward, or with
questions of whether one finds heaven or hell in the grave. It does not bother
with the idea that there are gods who punish us, or that some spirit will reach
across the millennia to rescue sinners if only they pray hard enough or with
the right words. What Kongo Zen does teaches is the essential union of body
and mind (
Ken Zen Ichinyo) and that human beings find all their joy and
happiness in living half for others and half for themselves. Through the
practice of the principles of
Ken Zen Ichinyo, human beings may shape
themselves into people worthy of being relied upon by themselves and others.
Through this, people contribute both to their own happiness and to the
happiness of others throughout society.

Recognizing that misery and happiness in human society find their origins in
human actions, Kongo Zen holds that the quest for a better world is a quest
for fully developed human beings. Although each of us is human, it is a rare
person who understands the nature of Dharma (The nature of the universe)
and the place of humans in this universe law. To understand and act in
accordance with Dharma is to become fully humane. Kongo Zen seeks the
development of all people as the pathway to a peaceful and cooperative world.
A world of peace and cooperative can come only when people recognize the
nature of Dharma and our place in it, acting without struggling against our
own natures.  
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Training Method of Kongo Zen
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