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Philosophy of Shorinji Kempo
<Principle of Shorinji Kempo>

When Japan lost World War II in 1945, the rules of society, the economy, and people's hearts as well were in turmoil in Japan. The Founder
Doshin So had many hard experiences in China and Japan, and awakened to the knowledge that "The person, the person, the person,
everything depends on a quality of the person who stand in positions of influence." The Founder considered that, to build a peaceful world,
"there is no other way than to cultivate many people's deeply rooted compassion, great courage, and a strong sense of justice."

Aiming at rebuilding people in body and spirit, and to transform society through peaceful means, the Founder founded Shorinji Kempo with
the goals of "developing individuals through Shorinji Kempo" and "constructing an ideal world." He emphasized importance of developing
good personality and making the world better through Shorinji Kempo. Shorinji Kempo makes strong and brave individuals through the
practice. These individuals can change the world better by the power of achievement which they have acquired through Shorinji Kempo.

<Shorinji Kempo: Discipline of Kongo Zen>

Shorinji Kempo is a discipline of Zen Buddhism for the purpose of training body and mind taught at the Kongo Zen Sou Honzan Shorinji
Temple in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. The discipline is called "
Shuumon no Gyou," and the essence is to acquire "true strength" through the

Shorinji Kempo is called "
Dou Zen" meaning "Moving Zen." Both "moving Zen" and "sitting Zen" are indispensable in the Kongo Zen.  But
practice of Shorinji Kempo is much more effective to acquire "true strength" and "calm mind (
Heijou shin)" than sitting Zen. The reason is that
we practice the moving Zen (Shorinji Kempo) while we are going back and force among life and death by devoting our body and mind fully
into intense practice. The effect from the moving Zen is thousand times as beneficial as sitting Zen.  

<What is "True Strength"?>

When we say "true strength," we do not mean the strength to defeat an opponent in a fighting game, but rather a strength that is founded on a
sound self, a reliable self, and the strength to live. To have "true strength" is to have established a reliable self.  The aim of the practice of
Shorinji Kempo is to become an individual who is strong both physically and spiritually. Through Shorinji Kempo, we gain strong confidence
and bring happiness, not only to ourselves, but also to the people around us, by helping each other, foster the capacity to confront injustice
in society. Shorinji Kempo aims to achieve such "true strength."

<Purposes of Shorinji Kempo>

1. Discipline (Gyou): All Shorinji Kempo members train body, mind, and spirit through Shorinji Kempo practice including Zen meditation.
They practice intensely, enjoyably, and steadily. Through Shorinji Kempo practice, people gain confidence, courage, and vigor, and nurture
a spirit of compassion and a sense of justice. They acquire "true strength." This practice is called "
Gyou (Discipline)" in Japanese.

2. Self-Establishment (
Jiko Kakuritsu): All the members earn body strength, mind cultivation, spirit enhancement, and self-defense through
Discipline (
Gyou). Shorinji Kempo does NOT hold competitions, not make martial arts champions, but makes "bright and brave leaders of a

3. Mutual Happiness for oneself and others (
Jita Kyouraku): All the members contribute well-Self-Established themselves (Jiko Kakuritsu) to
making this society better through various activities.
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