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Shorinji Kempo teaches Goho (punch, kick, block), Juho (releasing, throwing, pinning), and Seiho
(adjusting body balance). The members can learn the techniques along well-organized curriculums.
These techniques defensive counter attacks against various attacks such as a punch to a face, a kick
to a belly, or grabbing a wrist or clothes. The techniques of Shorinji Kempo are logically created on the
basis of dynamics and physiology to allow anyone to protect him/herself regardless of physical strength
or body size.

Sample demonstration at Hakone Garden in CA (2010):
Video 1 & Video 2

Training the body and the mind to keep a good balance between them, Shorinji Kempo helps people
grow healthy.

The goal of daily practice is not competing against each other, but learning from each other
progressing together, which will be a life-long training for the young and seniors, men and women.  

The members can learn the techniques along well-organized curriculums which is mutual all over the
world. The members can practice in accordance with their physical conditions in a safe and warm
atmosphere for all ages.
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Goho (Punch, Kick, Block)
Juho (Releasing, Escaping, Throwing, Pinning)